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This is the blog for my first Sims 2 Legacy family, the Montari's.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Small update

I haven't abandoned my Legacy family - or even the blog really. My family is just on gen 6 and my blog has gen 3 going to college... Obviously quite a lot happened in the middle...

I will probably just update the blog once the challenge is over with pictures of everyone (together if I even get a sim into the paranormal career as well as the new house and anything else I think is interesting.

In the mean time I am going to keep up to date with my new prosperity blog, which you can find through my profile.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Part 12: The diary of Henrietta Montari, aged 13 and 3/4

Hi everyone,
Dad has been telling us all about how Grandpa used to tell the whole family story thing in this album. He suggested that we all might like to have a turn and I wanted to go first...

Looking back, well Dad never got round to talking about us because Mum was about to have us. Well first things first - Mum gave birth to twins, one of whom was wonderful (me) and the other was my brother Lucas. (Lucas says he was more wonderful because he came first, but what does he know?)

Here are the baby pictures before I get in trouble...

Apparently Mum is holding me and dad is holding Lucas - you will however have to take their word for that as we look pretty similar. Taking care of twins doesn't look like the easiest thing to do; here is Mum looking a little stressed.

Although when you talk to Mum and Dad they say that it wasn't so bad. Grandpa was always around to help...

And eventually we grew up into nice, calm toddlers.

Mum says that it was on this night that Dad got taken away. I don't believe her though - as if I would have slept through something as cool as aliens visiting Pleasantview. Anyway Mum gave me this picture of the telescope in the back yard saying it's proof. (I told her that Joanna is better proof - but that comes later)

One of the weather satellites did catch the aliens bringing Dad home though... and we got a free copy of the picture. I wanted to tell you all the stuff that they did to Dad, but he still wont talk about it so that's not going to happen.

Dad was OK though - apart from a little weight gain coupled with a fair bit of 'travel' sickness. So we carried on as normal; Lucas learnt to talk... what kind of stupid idea was that?

(Henrietta wasn't going to put in anymore of her baby pics, so I will. Here's Hetti learning to walk - Lucas)

Turns out that wasn't just weight gain and a dodgy tummy - Dad was pregnant. It was a bit of a surprise when he went into labour in the hallway though. Oh and that's me in the background not looking very interested.

Dad gave birth to a healthy baby girl - Joanna. I was really happy to have a little sister instead of Lucas. Even if she drooled a lot. And cried a lot. And smelt. Maybe I wasn't so happy to have her then, but she's nicer now she's ten.

All this exitement caught the interest of someone entirely unexpected - my Grandma. Even though she died before I was born I've seen her a couple of times and know loads of stories about her. The first one to see her was Grandpa, of course. She only scared him a little though...

We're kind of used to seeing her now though which is cool. Most of my friends don't have ghosts - so we have really cool sleepovers. Grandpa, however, wasn't quite the same after seeing Grandma. I only remember a little but he started spending loads of time in the graveyard (which is in our back garden)

As well as telling us he loved us all the time. We didn't realise at the time that Grandpa wouldn't be around for long. One day while Grandpa and Dad were about to have another pool tournament the Grim Reaper showed up. Creepy or what?

We were all really upset for ages. But we had to carry on - Grandpa used to talk about how he started this huge family and we decided he wouldn't have wanted us all to be miserable. Our birthday came not long after Grandpa died, but nobody was in the mood to have a party (or even take pictures. Joanna did a little better though - we managed to get a couple of pictures of her after her first day of school.

Mum and Dad had been really worried in case the other kids picked on her because of her 'unusual heritage' (ie - she's green) but she made loads of friends. Besides, do you really think anyone would have picked on her with a big sister like me?

Next it was our turn to have a birthday - as well as starting high school. That's pretty much where we are now - and it's Lucas' turn to tell the story as he keeps reminding me.

Well, that's it from me (for now at least)

Hetti x

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Part 11: A Time For Firsts

When we last visited the (all new) Montari Manor Nathaniel and Hailey had celebrated their marriage, and of course their honeymoon. Now they were starting to look forward to their future.

Which seemed at first to involve clothes shopping; both Hailey and Nathaniel got new clothes.

A couple of days later Hailey had her suspicions that something entirely different was about to change the way she looked. She didn't think there was anyway she could be pregnant, apart from that one time... as she suffered the morning sickness she realised one time was really all it took. Now to tell Nathaniel.

Luckily Nathaniel had absolutely no problem with the idea of little Haileys or Nathaniels running around. He proceeded to go out of his way to make his wife as comfortable as possible during the early stages of her pregnancy.

The couple however chose to keep the news a secret between the two of them for a little while, at least until they could fully understand what was about to happen.

It couldn't be a secret forever though - Hailey started to show. Casting his mind back to before the birth of his twins Alexander managed to come to his own conclusions. Andrea had always been tired and Hailey kept falling asleep in her lunch. He couldn't wait to be a grandfather.

However Hailey tried to come up with some elaborate story involving handcuffs as to why she was getting bigger. Nathaniel decided this was the point where he should come clean and told his parents about the impending arrival.

It wasn't an entirely happy time in the Montari household however. Alexander and Andrea both caught the flu from some evil bugs outside the house. One of the neighbours was obviously annoyed as the rubbish bin kept being kicked over in the night. Alexander's symptoms mainly involved a lot of coughing...

...Andrea's symptoms were more serious. She began having strange dreams and hallucinations. In one of these she was told of a possible cure.

A company downtown had been marketing Energisers to help accomplished Sims feel better. However Andrea wasn't as lucky as most of the other Sims who had tried the contraption.

Alexander had in the meantime recovered from the flu using the time tested method of relaxation. As such he decided to spend time with his unborn (and first) grandchild.

After her stint in the energiser Andrea was left in the exact opposite condition to energised. She was so exhausted she collapsed on the lawn.

Waking up briefly she realised the she was absolutely starving - attempts for her to make food however failed when her body - already weak from the illness gave up.

It was then that the grim reaper paid his first ever visit to the Manor. Alexander and Nathaniel could only watch in horror as the Andrea was taken from them at an age of only 68.

Grief around the household continued for much of the next few days. All three remaining members of the family reacted badly to Andrea's death.

Alexander in particular spent a lot of time in the family graveyard - mourning the single grave of his beloved.

Hailey could barely sleep - despite the fact her pregnancy was making her more tired than ever. She realised however that she could not stay in such a state forever - her baby's safety was at stake. Rubbing her stomach Hailey hoped that when the little one arrived that it could help to fill the rift in the family.

As it turns out she wouldn't have to wait long to find out. The next night she woke in agony - waking Nathaniel up with her cries. It was time

Monday, April 03, 2006

Part 10: Generation 2 takes over

After four quiet years around the house since the twins left, Nathaniel - heir to the Montari family name - returns to the family home. Alexander and Andrea of course welcome their son back with open arms. However they were disappointed to learn that Elizabeth would not be rejoining the family after making the decision to start her own family with college sweetheart Tyson Ying.

When Nathaniel finally arrived home, first class honours degree in hand, Alexander and Andrea could not help but feel proud of what both twins had gone on to achieve. It was then Nathaniel decided to ask something that neither Alexander or Andrea had expected - he wanted his fiancée Hailey to move in with them rather than let her return to her family in far away Veronaville (Hailey is really a townie but... artistic liscence). Of course both of his parents agreed immediately even if they were a little surprised.

Events moved quickly after that - Hailey moved in within the week. There was only one problem which remained - space in the house was tight. Alexander and Andrea had grown used to have a large amount of space after the twins left. As for Nathaniel, well he didn't think his fiancee would be that impressed if they spent the rest of their married lives sleeping in the room he had shared with Elizabeth since both were children.

As far as Alexander was concerned there was only one thing for it - the house was going to have to undergo some large changes. The whole family was called together to discuss how best to change the house - many extravagant (and some sensible) ideas later and Alexander had decided how best to change the house.

Given the amount of changes the house had survived through - from its very beginning as a two room shack (if you could call it anything as dignified as a shack), to its present state - Alexander knew plenty of good builders to get the house on its way.

The plans were drawn up and sent off. Before long the brand new Montari Manor stood in proudly in place. There was enough room for all the family in the new house as well as room for a fair few luxiourious extras. As well as any future expansions Andrea pointed out helpfully with a knowing look at her son.

Nathaniel and Hailey soon claimed the 'Western Wing' of the house for themselves - which came complete with a room the could be used as a *cough* walk-in wardrobe (according to Hailey). Nathaniel just let them go on hinting - they didn't have to start a family just yet. He didn't move any clothes rails into the extra room though.

Meanwhile Alexander and Andrea were just as happy with their 'Eastern Wing' - far away from any walk-in wardrobes that might wake them up.

Hailey and Nathaniel soon settled in to work - as graduates both were highly desirable as employees. Both started work straight away - Hailey as a Minor Leaguer...

... and Nathaniel as a Prep Cook.

While they were at work Tyson decided to pay a visit - or 7. (Winner of my World's Scariest Sim award - he just kept walking past the house a lot - kinda creeped me out)

Meanwhile Alexander contemplates a career in amateur dramatics. He does howver miss the point of acting and proceeds straight to the part were you're obssesed with your appearance.

After a couple of successful days at work Nathaniel has some time off - and decides to throw a wedding. Hailey quickly agrees and takes the day off work as well.

Nathaniel is up early on the morning of the party to check that everyone got the invites...

While Hailey gets a 'welcome to the family' speech from Alexander - which only vaguely makes he wonder if her husband to be is in the mafia.

The stage (well wedding area) is set.

Tyson begins proceedings with a toast to the happy couple - only half of whom is actually present. Nathaniel hardly had time to worry about his missing wife and father though... there was more toasting to be done.

So much so that when it actually came to the getting married part of the party everyone was still toasting them. Well Andrea might have been trying to decide if Tyson was really right for her daughter given his bright pink suit jacket.

Hailey and Nathaniel didn't seem to either notice ot care that no one was watching as the exchanged their vows.

Then Nathaniel gave Hailey her ring...
...and sealed the marriage with a kiss.

The effects of all that champagne were beginning to show - all three bathrooms in the house were occupied and some people just don't know how to hold it in. Elizabeth seemed to think it was funny though.
Nathaniel called his new wife over (from where she had been having her shower) to cut the cake...

... when it came to feeding it to her however he may have given her slightly too much. Hailey took it well however and grabbed a slice herself.

No sooner than the cake eating had begun the party was over. It was then Alexander and Andrea explained exactly what their wedding present to the couple was... a honeymoon weekend at one of the luxury hotels downtown.

The newlyweds almost forgot to squeal their thanks to the groom's parents for such a lovely present before they ran for the limo to take them there.

When they got to the hotel both had to admit that the loved the present very much and decided to take full advantage of their lovely room... and nice soft bed.